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April 11, 2005

Kellerberrin Monday 11 April 2005

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even more folks i’ve met:

*rebecca, who works at the westpac bank in the “co-op”.
rebecca also makes bookings for train and bus trips in and out of town, which she did for me on friday, hammering away even when it seemed like it was going to be impossible to get a seat to perth at the start of the school holidays. Today i saw rebecca again, and she asked about my weekend. She went to perth too with her partner, on saturday, to buy a 1998 commodore. The commodore will replace their early 80’s “statesman,” which, for a car of that vintage, had all the mod cons, power windows etc. I told her I thought it was a shame to let the old holden go, but i understood her pleasure in a car which “feels like a spaceship.”

*i didnt get his name, but he’s a young guy who works at the pub.
He was very patient with us when we were sitting at the bar, and cristina complained that her beer tasted like water (it was a “lite”). He had spent some time in perth, working for mitre 10 as a storeman, but didnt like his boss and so eventually made his way back to keller. The pub is owned by his family. I’m looking forward to experiencing “jag the joker” at the pub, which by all accounts is a friday night gambling phenomenon in this town…

*cristina, who seems to be settling in after a jet-lagged and culture-shocked beginning. We went for a drive up to a big rock (was it Kokebin Rock?) – not intending to, but finding it by chance, and there is a small building (an abandoned church?) at the base of the hill. We climbed to the top. It was still, up there, and quiet, just the buzzing of flies and wind. Much later we went to the top of another hill, the one just above town, to watch the sun set and talk about different ways of making art. On the way back Cristina shot photos of the feeble orange crescent moon, and we stopped by the cemetery too: by now it was dark. A perfectly formed small ant mound caught my fancy.

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