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April 24, 2005

about this blog

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bilateral kellerberrin is the blog of Lucas Ihlein’s residency in Kellerberrin: April-May 2005. If you want to read it start to finish, like a book, then go here.

Kellerberrin (population approx. 1200) is a small wheatbelt town located a few hours drive inland from Perth, Western Australia, during April and May 2005.

For more information about IASKA, the residency host, and the town of Kellerberrin, click the Kellerberrin links on the right hand side of this page.

Each day during my residency, I sat down and wrote, from memory, about the events of the previous day: who I met, what they said, and what I saw or did. You can trace the developing relationships between myself and the people of Kellerberrin by visiting the keller dailies category.

The blog is arranged so that the latest entries appear at the top of the page. If you are one of those old fashioned folks who likes to “start at the beginning” I suggest you click here.

I also ran some workshops at Cunderdin District Highschool. Cunderdin is located 45 km west of Kellerberrin. Blog entries relating to these workshops are gathered under the education? category.

Due to the vagaries of memory, as well as the unexpectedly large number of daily events I seem to encounter, it is inevitable that mistakes and misrepresentations will take place. Feel free to correct, debate, admonish, or congratulate me by Leaving a Reply. Simply use the form at the bottom of each blog entry. It is required that you enter your email address to stop those pesky spam robots, but never fear: your contact details will never be published.

Or if you prefer, email me directly: lucazoid [at]

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