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May 26, 2005

The Right Side of the Tracks

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For the first time ever in Kellerberrin, I was up before eight. When Glen dropped off his nail gun shortly after seven, and I was awake and dressed, waiting for him. What was I going to do now? I couldn’t go back to bed. I decided to go for a walk. So here it is: my expedition to The Right Side of the Tracks.

May 9, 2005

I bin everywhere

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Josh remarked upon how many bins there were on Massingham Street. And lo! Once you look, there’s no denying it! This has got to be the highest number of garbage receptacles per capita…of any town in Australia? Yes, let us claim that title for Kellerberrin, at least until some other tidy town wannabe makes an attempt to wrest the crown from our tidy tidy head.

Since it was a beautiful Sunday, I decided to document this phenomenon for posterity. So here you have it folks:
The Kellerberrin Bin Run, 2005.

April 25, 2005

Kellerberrin Monday 25 April 2005

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Yesterday I went for my walk around the “wrong side of the tracks”. I wanted to shift the way I was thinking about being here, and I felt better as soon as I started walking. Everything became interesting again, I was less focussed on the idea of an “outcome” and more “in the moment”. What more can you want?

The first thing that happened as I turned off Sewell St and into Rason, was a police car pulled up alongside me. I wish I could remember the name of the policeman, it’s rude of me as we did introduce ourselves. Perhaps it was Darren. He asked if I needed a hand with anything (which I think was a euphemism for “ello ello ello!”) – and said he’d noticed a new face…I explained that I was an artist in residence at IASKA, just having a look around town. Anything particular I was in search of? he asked me…Nah, just inspiration, I replied, and he drove off slowly.

April 24, 2005

wrong side of the tracks

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In an attempt to counter my lazy no-exercise regime (the pool being shut is NOT an excuse) I decided I would walk around town. Also I was feeling a bit low, not wanting to get out of bed etc, so what better than a bit of a constitutional to revive the spirit? It seemed to work.

What follows is a kind of dodgy photo essay, a sort of game. Each time I turned a corner, I took a photo of the corner street sign. Kellerberrin being well catered, civically, I was delighted to find a right angle sign at nearly every turn! Today I covered the perimeter of what Jo, the gallery lady from Yorkshire, called the “wrong side” of the tracks…
[apologies to you if you are on a slow dial up connection, there’s a bunch of photos contained in this post…]