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April 24, 2005

wrong side of the tracks

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In an attempt to counter my lazy no-exercise regime (the pool being shut is NOT an excuse) I decided I would walk around town. Also I was feeling a bit low, not wanting to get out of bed etc, so what better than a bit of a constitutional to revive the spirit? It seemed to work.

What follows is a kind of dodgy photo essay, a sort of game. Each time I turned a corner, I took a photo of the corner street sign. Kellerberrin being well catered, civically, I was delighted to find a right angle sign at nearly every turn! Today I covered the perimeter of what Jo, the gallery lady from Yorkshire, called the “wrong side” of the tracks…
[apologies to you if you are on a slow dial up connection, there’s a bunch of photos contained in this post…]

spare parts building
my favourite building in town which i see when i emerge from the back lane of the craft barn onto sewell street. i turn left onto sewell

crumbling building
crumbling building on sewell street at my left as i walk away from the highway

corner sewell and rason
at the corner of sewell and rason, i take a right turn…

rason and scott
turning right from rason into scott…

scott hammond
turning left from scott into hammond

new house on hammond
a newly built house to my left as i walk west down hammond. note the two green-wrapped delivered newspapers on the driveway

hammond corner
hammond reaches a right hand bend where it becomes a dirt road which leads to the highway (massingham) – this sign points to the right…

massingham pipe
i cross over the highway and sit at this pipe valve when chris calls me on the phone

massingham sign
heading east along massingham past the town events sign…

massingham crossing
i continue straight here. i do not cross over to the right side of the tracks (perhaps i shall venture there tomoro)…

massingham chambers
turning right into chambers from massingham…

chambers forrest
turning right from chambers into forrest…

mitchell forrest
turning left into mitchell from forrest…

rason mitchell
turning right into rason from mitchell…

ripper rason
turning right into ripper from rason…

ripper massingham
turning left into massingham from ripper…

massingham cat
a mysterious sign posted in the window of the book exchange on massingham street ends my walk…

2 Responses to “wrong side of the tracks”

  1. richard Says:

    intriguing, beguiling, redeeming, reeling, grinning

  2. Louise Curham Says:

    Hammond Corner upended yellow building is my favourite. Anne told me about knitting a coverall for the pipeline and now I see it! Oddly, my sensation is one of smell on seeing these images. I am intrigued by my ‘in’ to Kellerberrin in this way. It is very odd now to think about how one usually encounters a town one does not know. I am thinking about this because I have to organise a ‘destination’ for a weekend’s vacation with my aging father and I am nervous enough about him let alone the ‘where’ of it but this experience of walking around Kellerberin tells me so clearly why I am so suspicious of the usual information about where I might go. I am also interested that in writing here, I am adopting the tone I read or my interpretation of it. It’s quite scarey how much one wants to say.

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