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May 9, 2005

I bin everywhere

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Josh remarked upon how many bins there were on Massingham Street. And lo! Once you look, there’s no denying it! This has got to be the highest number of garbage receptacles per capita…of any town in Australia? Yes, let us claim that title for Kellerberrin, at least until some other tidy town wannabe makes an attempt to wrest the crown from our tidy tidy head.

Since it was a beautiful Sunday, I decided to document this phenomenon for posterity. So here you have it folks:
The Kellerberrin Bin Run, 2005.

kellers most westerly bin
Bin 1: outside an empty building. This is the main street’s most westerly bin.

…99 steps…

the cinema bin
bin 2: outside the old Kellerberrin Cinema (now owned by Domenico De Clario and renamed The Aurora Project).

…68 steps…

post office bin
bin 3: outside the Post Office where I go to collect my mail from the taciturn Geoff.

…39 steps…

co-op bin
bin 4: outside the co-op. Here is where I buy my huge bottles of spring water, and where Rebecca books my train tickets to Perth.

While on the Bin Run, I bumped into Jeff and his mate (Jason I think his name is):

Howsit goin, I said.
Bewdiful day, I said.
Boring day, Jeff replied.
Whatcha upto, I asked?
Nuthin, Jeff replied.
Nuthin to do. What you up to?
Well, I said. I’m taking photos of all the bins on the main street.
Oh, ok, said Jeff. Alright. Catch ya later then.

…27 steps…

bin 5: outside the CDEP. I’m not exactly sure what this stands for. It’s an Aboriginal organisation, there’s a window display/shop, a furniture workshop and painting room. Reynold spent time chatting with us in here.

…16 steps…

tea rooms bin
bin 6: outside the tea rooms. Joe works in here. He makes a mean salt and pepper squid, and a top notch chinese green vegetable with garlic and ginger sauce. Joe sells eggs from his own chickens, and his fish n chips “do not lose” to Cicerello’s, that famous Fremantle chippery.

…20 steps…

bank bin
bin 7: outside the bank. I go in here to withdraw money from time to time. There’s a nice young lad who works there, he’s always friendly. He gave me a little passbook and he updates my balance in it each time.

…33 steps…

legends bin
bin 8: outside a place which used to be called “Legends” – next door to Betties. Late last week Bettie, in collaboration with Jo Debney, mended the hole in the front of my woolen vest.

…25 steps…

craft barn bin
bin 9: outside the craft barn, which is my current abode. If you squint, you can make out Claire standing and waving from behind the glass.

…21 steps…

chemist bin
bin 10: outside the chemist. I don’t know the names of the folks who run the chemist. She is from Egypt, he is from Zimbabwe. They have some cute kids too. I always seem to need something right on closing time. At least it’s only 21 steps from my front door.

…23 steps…

keller kreations bin
bin 11: outside Keller Kreations. Surprisingly, I have never been in there. It is some sort of drapery shop but I think they also run workshops making photo albums and other krafty things…

…27 steps…

newsagency bin
bin 12: outside the newsagency. One day when I went in there to buy a glue stick there was a woman dictating a very long classified ad for the deaths category in the West Australian. It was for Pado, the fellow who ran his car off the road not long ago. I waited patiently in the toy section.

…39 steps…

pub bin
bin 13: outside the pub. This is where next Friday I am going to win the Jag the Joker jackpot and buy myself a new computer.

…71 steps…

council bin
bin 14: outside the Kellerberrin Council Building. It is inside these hallowed halls that the great Stan McDonnell outburst of May the Seventh 2005 took place. I was lucky to be present at this momentous occasion.

…67 steps…

tafe bin
bin 15: outside the TAFE building. This is where David Blair teaches agriculture, I think. Bin 15 is the easternmost bin of the main street.

6 Responses to “I bin everywhere”

  1. bilateral kellerberrin » Spatial Bin Analysis Says:

    […] bish bins are spaced out at uneven intervals along the main road. (See photographic survey here). Why is this so? It is my theory that the bins reflect an asymmetrical u […]

  2. buffalogirl sera Says:


    I really enjoyed taking in this piece.
    CDEP: community development employment program, came into existence in the eighties I believe- in indigenous communities.

    it is interesting how the pictures give no sense of the spatial character of this town- but the text adds this, u set a tone through your notations/observations entiries- a friendly, casual involvment with the meet and potatopes of the community?!
    its good to take in this from afar. so often when (_______) pass through towns on the road there is this you know focused run around to the significant sites- the stuff that ‘captures’ the town. Sometimes touristes become like the sites- like these stare mobiles, reflecting agents, hungry ones- i guess. its funny the tourist relationship with place. desire- such a desire for the stuff of the place, momentos, authenticity?…

    i like how streets (well for me ) translate to the magazine format, this work would be great as a published thing.

  3. Dawn Harvey Says:

    Hi Lucas,
    I just loved this. I haven’t laughed so much for ages. Well done.
    We must have bin-a-holics in town because one of the complaints I received regularly as a Councillor was the lack of bins in town. After reading this I realised never was the complaint targeted at the main street. (There’s enough bins there)

  4. bilateral kellerberrin » Kellerberrin Thursday 19 May 2005 Says:

    […] “I think she’s in there right now writing a reply to you!” he said. Sure enough, here it is… I spilled the beans to Geoff at the post office too. […]

  5. Louise Curham Says:

    Dear LI

    They all seem to be empty! Is there rubbish on the street? It appears there isn’t. Instructive to many councils … Colin Rosenfeld at Randwick CC should see this – he is their community development special projects guy. They are very lonely looking bins however. Must be tempting to fill ’em up just a little so they are not in vain. Best wishes, LC

  6. MARGARET Winmar Says:


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