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May 17, 2005

A Technical Update

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Hello Blog Readers!
You are reading this message online, which means you have access to the internet and are computer literate. Do you, however, know someone who for whatever reason cannot come to a computer to read Bilateral Kellerberrin? Someone old? Someone without a computer? One of those annoying people who says (grandpa voice) “Com-puters? I don’t trust ’em!”

Or perhaps you are just one of those types that says “I can’t read a thousand words a day on the screen, it makes my eyes go square!”

Or maybe you would prefer to read this blog on your way home from work on the train, rather than sneaking covert glances at the internet between “legit” jobs in the office.

Well, there is a solution. Print it out!
I have just tweaked the printable version of the blog, and it’s ready for action (I hope! Let me know if you have any troubles!).

All you have to do is:

– go to the blog entry you’d like to print out.
-click on “File”, then choose “Print Preview”.
-in “Print Preview”, you can tweak things like margins etc using the “Page Setup” button. This probably won’t be necessary.
-click “Print”, and away you go!!

* * * * *

This is probably a good time to let you know about the superiority of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Internet Explorer, in a word, sux. You really should download Firefox, which you can do for free, here. This site looks better in Firefox too. See, Bilateral Kellerberrin now has ads!

3 Responses to “A Technical Update”

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  2. Monica Says:

    Hi Lucas,
    I met you at the Pipeline with Eva – the day you got flustered.
    I am “wasting” a whole Saturday afternoon reading your blog from start to finish. Have been meaning to do so for ages but always felt guilty sitting for too long at the computer.
    I have found it very interesting how you observe our little town, as I think when you live here you tend to stop noticing the ‘nice, little things’.
    I was surprised that you mentioned Mozilla as I haven’t met anyone else who has heard of it. My husband downloaded it from one of those CD’s you get on the front of computer mags, and swears by it – he won’t use anything else. Says it is much faster than Explorer and much less junk attached.
    I had a small interuption to my reading when the kids tried to make their own popcorn, but disaster was averted.
    Hope you enjoyed your stay in Keller.

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