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May 23, 2005

Kellerberrin Monday May 23 2005

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Chris wanted to go back to Old with Style. Last time he was in Keller (April 25), he saw, but did not buy, a small red lacquered table he “needed”. Colin, the proprieter, has a mantra: “If you like it, you should grab it, cos it might not be there next time!” And he was right. Chris had missed out on his table. It’s possible that he then took Colin’s dictum overboard, snapping up a painted-landscape tin table, a lamp with dangly fabric tassles, and the piece de resistance: a whisky decanter that plays “the star spangled banner”.

We took this stuff into the cinema next door, where I wanted to dig around for some salvageable wood. Tom Nicholson had left the pine batons from his banner-carriers upstairs in the cinema. We went back and forth between the cinema and the gallery with loads of wood. This mild physical labour made me realise how out of shape I am. Too much sitting on my butt, writing blog entries…

As we came out of the cinema with our penultimate load, the way was blocked by a ute backed up to the door of Old with Style. Two gals had bought a heavy olde wooden cupboard thing, which was almost entirely clad in rusty corrugated iron. They laid cardboard down on the flatbed back of the ute. “Are you trying to protect the cupboard, or the ute?” I quipped. In retrospect, this was quite a rude thing to have said to someone who probably just spent a lot of money on a piece of furniture. They didn’t seem offended.

As we grabbed the last wood from the cinema, Colin was sweeping the cobwebs, dust, and dead flies away from where the corrugated cupboard had been standing (obviously for some time). “Another piece of junk out the door!” he cheerfully said.

* * * * *

Chris helped me play around with pieces of wood in the gallery – we tried to work out a configuration of long chipboard benches that looked good in the space, and would also circulate bodies in a fun way.

iaska circulation diagram

Here’s how it works:

(a) – folks walking down the street in easterly direction are attracted to papers (daily kellerberrin blog entries printed out) stuck in window. As they read April, they move around window box.
(b) – May begins in the printed blog entries.
(c) – Curious visitor comes towards the end of May, notices open door of gallery.
(d) – Having entered gallery, visitor encounters desk occupied by attractive gallery attendant. Small conversation along the lines of “what is all this about then?” Attendant explains that in order to obtain a copy of the blog, you have to assemble it yourself.
(e) – Assembly line begins here, with pages for April edition of blog neatly piled up.
(f) – Pages for May edition of blog begin here.
(g) – Staple machine located here. Punter taps pages to neatly align, and inserts them into the automatic stapler. By the time s/he reaches (g), visitor is now able to observe folks outside the window reading blog. They too have been looking in and wondering what the hell is going on in there. Curiosity keeps the cycle going.
At (g), a “bottleneck” has been designed into the system. This means that (g) will be filled with people waiting to use the staple machine, or having just used it, admiring their freshly compiled copy of bilateral kellerberrin. (g) is therefore the most happening place to be (like the kitchen at parties).
(h) – having gotten over the thrill of compiling one’s own publication, punter then is free to move over to the rear wall of the gallery and look at Cristina’s photographs, which are hung here…and to (i) where she is showing a video work!
Oh and then…continue your life as normal…

* * * * *

After dark, there was a knock on the door. It was Josephine (who we call “Yosefina”). She wanted to know where Cristina was. But she was out of luck, Cristina was still in Perth. Josephine was worried that she had offended her, and wanted to say sorry for what had happened last Friday night (ie Friday the Thirteenth!) . Evidently some incident at the pub after Jag the Joker. As I am a model of discretion, I can say no more… I told her that I was sure Cristina was not at all worried about what had happened, and that she’d be glad to catch up with her when she got back to Keller. Cool, Josephine said. Maybe she and I can have a drink, a proper drink, then. I said I would pass on the message.

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