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June 14, 2005

Sydney Gaffer-Tape Dreams

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Bec and I are planning to fly from Perth to Sydney. We are convinced that we can do it alone, in these small, go-cart-like planes. There is a guy advising us, he reckons it will all be fine. But he does suggest taking off the windows to reduce weight. That way we won’t consume so much fuel.

We see other planes fly overhead. Their underbellies seem to be blacked out with Gaffer Tape. We follow suit, turning our planes over, and carefully layering the bottom with lines of black gaff.

I’m worried that the gaff will weigh down the plane, though. I’m also worried about what will happen if we lose each other in mid air. And of course, neither of us have ever flown a plane before…

* * * * *

In church with mum. She starts to get down on the ground between the aisles and stick down some black Gaffer Tape. Originally, she does this to cover some electrical cables, so nobody will trip over. But she seems obsessed. Keeps applying the gaff to cover a big area of the wooden floor. The more she puts down, the more “faults” she finds with an adjacent floorboard which need to be covered up. Eventually I convince her to stop, and we return to our pew. The priest says something, and mum groans. She has forgotten to bring a balloon to blow up for this part of the ceremony. Luckily nana is in the seat in front of us, and she has spares.

* * * * *

Some kind of helicopter made out of farm machinery. It’s enormous, and rusty, and you can clearly identify the parts: the bit they make the sheep run up, the long arm of the seeding machine, etc etc. The “chopper” part of it spins around, pushing air into a big balloon on top, which raises the helicopter skyward. There are two or three of these monstrous machines in the air, moving very slowly and awkwardly.

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  1. Ratna Sulastin Says:

    I read about you in ‘Living Magazine’. I passed by Kellerberrin nearly a dozen times. I didn’t know there is such interesting activity in Kellerberrin. I visited the website: to look for more information, but there isn’t much info in that website. I am tempted to actually drive tomorrow and visit the place.

    All the best,

  2. marc horowitz Says:

    what? it seems like you’re still alive! sounds fun. count me in next time.

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