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July 5, 2005

envy/pity? questions from Monica…

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These questions are great. They come from Monica and Grant, Keller locals. Monica wrote a comment to say she’d “wasted” a whole saturday afternoon reading the blog. I think she found it to be a guilty pleasure. She wrote “I have found it very interesting how you observe our little town, as I think when you live here you tend to stop noticing the ‘nice, little things’.”

And so, onto her questions:

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for your response, most welcome!

Have come up with a few “interview” questions for you.

1. Do you think you met the “real” Kellerberrin during your stay, or just those who were available.

2. Did your perception of Kellerberrin change between the day you first arrived and the day you left?

3. Do you envy / pity the people who have to live in Kellerberrin?

Look forward to reading your introspective.

Grant & Monica

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