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September 12, 2005

stop press! jag the joker has been won!

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In my ongoing (self-appointed) capacity as high-speed conduit for late-breaking news from Kellerberrin, I have a very exciting announcement to make.

Jag the Joker has been won.

Those of you who followed Bilateral Kellerberrin would be familiar with my forays to the pub each Friday night to try and win the big bucks from the Jolly Publican, Brendan. (For these tales, try searching for the word “Joker” in the search bar to the right). Alas, a bellyfull of beer and an empty wallet was the closest I got.

But Roger Scott, native of Kellerberrin and now residing in Sydney, just sent me a text message. I assume the information leaked through to him care of his mother, Pauline.

Here it is:

“Pip and Mark won the joker $5400!”

to which I replied: “you mean Pip and Dawn? Who is Mark?”

and his reply: “Thats who I meant Pip and Mark are another couple in town its so confusing when everyone has the same name”

So there you have it. If there are any Kellerberrins still out there reading this blog, please update me all the goss in the comments below! I want to know the whole story. Did they shout a round for the whole pub? Was there a party all night? Did they deserve the cash? What are they going to do with it now (assuming there is any left)?

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  1. Amanda (new EPIC producer for IASKA) Says:

    Hello Lucas,
    I’m Amanda the new EPIC producer for IASKA, taken over from Felena in the new years OZCO mentorship. I must thank you for the blog! It has made my transistion into the community so much easier and I have found myself saying, “well, in Lucas’s blog…” on many occasions!
    Well- much has happened, Pip and Dawn have put up roller shutters (I have no idea if this is Jag the Joker money, which is this week at $1,200!)
    But the big, tragic news is that there was a huge fire that burnt downthe old takeaway place inbetween to Pip and Dawn’s and Betties. Jo and her kids (from Melb originally I think) had pretty much just bought the place as a house and on Melb cup eve a candle sent the whole up! And very very quickly. Pip and Dawn’s nearlt caught on fire too and Pip had to run all of his bikes outside. It was touch and go for a while. It was also corporate bowls and many of the police and fire-ys were in fancy dress/ jockey silks- and did a totally fantastic job of stopping the fire and it spreading. Unfortunately Jo’s house did not survive (but luckily everyone was safe). It is now a pile of rubble and Betties has temporarily moved to the old hardware store. I have a pic of the damage I can send to you.
    Jo Denby (IASKA gallery attendant) has also sold up and has moved to Perth.

    see you,

  2. Lucas Says:

    Thanks for the update Amanda. Wow, what news!
    Is Jo whose place burnt down a different Jo from Jo who worked in the gallery? I know the place you’re talking about, it was called “legends tearooms” right?
    I would love to see a picture. What a dramatic turn of events. Glad to hear no-one was hurt. Say hi to Bettie and Allan for me when you see them. (ps, thanks for sending back the remnants of my show from IASKA. Sydney seems a MILLION miles away now…)

  3. bilateral kellerberrin » Fire in Kellerberrin Says:

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